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 Rules .

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PostSubject: Rules .   Thu Aug 24, 2006 10:38 am

some rules to respect in this forum .

1- Don' t post illegal links to commercial engine,program,books,products,pirat website .... Your IP will be ban

2-Don't talk about politic ,work, Business... this is a chess forum (however you could talk about entertaiment program and sport )

3- Always be polite and a gentleman here . If you don t respect others forumers, insult them without reason .... your IP will be ban

4- If you find illegal links here,and that moderator didn't see, help them and ask moderators to delete them .

5-respect others opinions. don 't make personal attack .

6- If a post or topic is not apropriate, Moderators will delete it without notice.

7- Like members of super chess engine: uci forum you agree to follow the rules above .Yours posts or topics could be delete and your IP could be ban without notice if you don t follow theses rules .

8-If moderators see more problems they will add more rules.

Thanks to all
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Rules .
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